Putlocker is back with a new domain

We all were fans of Putlocker since its first appearance in online many years ago. Over time, this website has been through a lot of changes and also the brand was ”owned” by different people several times. Now, the original Putlocker is coming back, powered by the team who created it first a long time ago. Considering how great the new website looks and works now I would say they are determined to come back among the best free streaming sites in the world.

putlocker website

Putlocker has a new design but it keeps the same colors and logo so you can easily recognize it now. If you were used to the old putlockers.email you won’t have difficulties now because the new theme is more intuitive and easy to use. This streaming website is very organized with many different filters such as genres, release year, rating, popularity and even packs like ”Netflix Series”, ”Hulu Series”, ”MTV Series” and more.

It is really a pleasure to watch your favorite movies on a website like this which is loading very fast, has no advertisement and it is not requiring registration. Putlocker’s database contains over 55.000 episodes which is a huge number and it guarantees that you will find something good to watch within seconds.

Putlocker is using Netu players which I talked about in a previous article. In my opinion those are the best video players you can find on the streaming sites because of 1080p quality and no ads during the movie. The only disadvantage of Netu’s servers is the first 30 seconds roll at the beginning, but you just have to skip it and proceed watching the movie. Also, if you can’t figure it out how their servers work, just choose one of the links they are publishing below the original player. There you have at least 3-4 alternative links so you can watch the movie even if you don’t like Netu players.

If you are not a big fan of tv series and you more likely enjoy movies then you can select from the variety of movies available on Putlocker. They created a selection of the best movies released after the year 2000. I’m pretty sure you can find a good movie on this website because their database is made of best quality movies only. It is observed, however, the fact that Putlocker is more focused on tv series than movies considering the quantity of them both but overall it is one of the best free streaming sites.



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