MeMovies, one of the best streaming sites, is back

If you used to watch movies online a few years ago, probably you’ve heard at least once about MeMovies.  It was one of the biggest streaming sites in the world at his time but it was closed due to unknown reasons.

After a long time, the team behind MeMovies decided to come back in the streaming world with this amazing platform. Their website has been improved a lot and it is waiting for you to discover all the new features.


More info about MeMovies

Rumors say that the same team who created the original 123Movies is also behind the MeMovies website, but maybe we’ll never know the truth.

Back in 2017, MeMovies, 123Movies and other similar sites had a good life but then something happened and all of them were closed. Time passed and some of them are coming back more powerful than ever and MeMovies is the perfect example.

Their new website is coming with lots of features created to improve your browsing experience. We are sure you will love it! From a new logo to an unique description for all the movies and tv series, up to 10 different servers so you can watch on your favorite platform, improved search box (you can search by IMDb link) and many more options, all of them were created so you can enjoy watching movies on the best streaming site.

memovies servers
MeMovies is offering lots of different servers or alternative links for watching your favorite movies.

Because they decided to focus more on quality than quantity, on MeMovies you can find a limited number of movies and tv shows. Even so, they already posted the most popular and rated productions and we are sure you can easily find something good to watch.

If your favorite movie or tv show is not available on MeMovies yet, don’t worry, they are updating their database daily and all the content you like will be posted soon and, most important, at a very good quality.

Is MeMovies safe and legal?

The short answer for both: yes. MeMovies has no interest into showing you malicious ads or infecting your device, they are just sharing movies so everyone can benefit of free entertainment. More than that, MeMovies doesn’t have any type of advertisement. When it comes to the legal part, well, all these websites are publishing links to video hosting platforms which is totally legal. Also, non of the streaming sites are hosting video content on their servers.

If you want to make sure your experience with the streaming sites will be even more safe, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) but this is not really necessary at least if you are not living in a country where watching online movies is prohibited by law.

MeMovies – Joker (2019)

How to watch

Watching movies and series on MeMovies is easier than ever. All you have to do is select the movie you want to watch from the homepage selection or use the search box to find your favorite content (tip: you can insert the IMDb link in search box).

Remember that you have to click play two times on this website. The first time the thumbnail will disappear and the second time the movie will start. If you see a video ad after you press play (this happens sometimes because of the video hosting platforms) just wait a few seconds then skip it. If any pop jumps, close it so it won’t bother you.

If you are not happy with the main player used by MeMovies, just scroll a bit down and choose one of the many alternative links available like VidToDo, UpStream, CloudVideo, VideoBin, Mystream and more video hosting sites.

Alternatives for MeMovies

streaming text, 123movies, projectfreetv
ProjectFreeTv and 123MoviesPlus

ProjectFreeTv – this one is a true veteran in the online streaming industry. This site has been online for a very long time without interruptions. PFTV is offering one of the biggest collections of tv series in the world. They are focused on tv shows more than movies, but you can also find there a selection of the best movies.

Same as MeMovies, ProjectFreeTv recently started to post multiple links for episodes so the users have more options to watch their favorite productions.

An interesting fact about this website: it has one of the most active communities as you can see in the comments section. People are writing their opinion about almost every movie and episode posted on ProjectFreeTv.

123MoviesPlus – inspired by the original 123Movies site, Plus is the new and upgraded version of what it used to be the most popular streaming website. It comes with a fresh database of thousands of movies and tv series so everyone can find something good to watch.

Good quality and no advertisement on 123MoviesPlus, this is a perfect combo for a streaming site and we can bet you will like it.

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