GoStream has changed its domain for the first time

GoStream is a very popular streaming site that offers thousands of movies for free. They are focused on quality and that’s why their database is made only of the best movies from the last 20 years. Their collection is based on top IMDb rating to make sure all the movies they publish were voted many times. An disadvantage of www1.gostream.gdn is that they are not posting any tv series at least until this moment but maybe they will pay attention to this niche in the future so stay tuned!

GoStream – 123Movies | Online Streaming Site

Recently GoStream changed its domain from ”www” to ”www1” which is called a ”redirect”. We don’t know exactly the reason why they did that, but probably it’s a measure that will help the website grow and to become more popular according to Google’s new algorithm changes.

Nothing has changed for GoStream’s visitors. Everyone can access the website as usual as the old domain is automatically redirecting to the new one. Their team migrated everything perfectly so you might not even notice that GoStream.Gdn is now running on another domain.

This type of redirects are occurring very often especially in this niche because it’s a very popular solution to get rid of the Google’s penalties, so you shouldn’t be surprised that GoStream did this. Also, there is a chance that in the future there will be another redirect if the things are not working good but, as we previously said, visitors are not affected by this kind of changes so you can keep watching movies for free on this streaming site.

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