The best tv series to watch during quarantine

We are all living hard times now because of this new virus, but we can see at least one good part about this: we can all stay home and watch our favorite movies and tv series during this quarantine. Hopefully this will end soon, but until then we can spend some time enjoying good shows on Netflix or streaming sites.

Some good series you can watch

La Casa de Papel

The best robbers are forming a team to commit the biggest robbery the world has ever seen. They are coordinated by El Profesor, which is the mastermind behind this perfect robbery plan. This is the best time to watch or re-watch the first 3 seasons to keep yourself updated with the storyline because the fourth season is coming out in less than one month, on April 3.


This tv show follows the story of a financial adviser which is moving from Chicago to Missouri Ozarks with his family. Apparently, there is nothing suspicious, but then we find out that the real reason for moving there was a big money-loundering operation led by Martin Byrde for a drug lord. If you already saw this tv series, now its time to get ready for the next season because it will be released on March 27.

Better Call Saul

If you enjoyed watching Breaking Bad a long time ago, for sure you will love Better Call Saul too! Maybe you remember that shady lawyer from Breaking Bad, well Netflix made a full tv show only about him. The story is sometimes running a little bit too slow but this series still worth watching, especially if you were a Breaking Bad fan or lawyers tv shows in general. Currently, Better Call Saul is at season 5, which is running as we speak.


Some of the actors from La Casa de Papel are also appearing in Elite, a fact that make us to like this show even more. It is based on the story of some teenagers from the best private school in Spain. They were all doing great until three students from the poor-class started to study at this rich only school and all those things lead to a crime. Elite season 3 was released on Netflix today, hurry up to see it!

This list will be updated depending on how long the quarantine lasts, but for now it should be a good start for your binging session as long as you stay home. 🙂

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